Maxxis Highest Air 2017 BIANCONCINI


Bianconcini vola in alto sempre più’ in alto nella competizione più’ impegnativa per un pilota e per una  moto. Tecnica e coraggio e Bianconcini ci riesce.

The first half of the season at the Maxxis Highest Air Contest is fully marked by Massimo Bianconcini. In the previous 4 competitions the Italian jumped to victory. With a maximum result of 20 points, the multiple overall winner of the last few years is already at the top and has the best chances to win the season again.

Massimo Bianconcini, Brice Izzo and Pat Bowden were competing at the first Maxxis Highest Air Contest of the year. Bowden who won in China in 2016 could not continue his winning strategy in Switzerland. He did not get beyond the initial height. Also Brice Izzo could not defy the Italian grandmaster. So Massimo secured the first Maxxis Cup of the season with 7.50 meters.

1. Massimo Bianconcini ITA KTM   20 Points

2. Brice Izzo FRA Yamaha   10 Points

3. Kai Haase GER KTM     4 Points

4. Pat Bowden AUS Yamaha     2 Points

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